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Leather Sofa Cleaning and Conditioning in Cork

At Cork Leather Cleaning we know that your couch or chair is a valuable addition to any room, and unlike fabric upholstery, it requires extra attention in order to maintain its beauty. Leather is a tough, durable material that, when cared for properly, should last for years or even decades.
After cleaning your couch, chair etc, we will apply special conditioners that restore the suppleness of the leather, replenishing its natural oils.

Leather conditioning should always go hand in hand with profesional leather cleaning.
It replaces shine on finished leather and helps impede future soiling, prevent fading and cracking from dehydration.
It is very important to condition leather at least once every year; more often if it sees heavy use or is in direct sun light as these accelerate the leather dehydration process.

We strongly urge customers to avoid using home cleaning treatments which can damage the leather and end up costing you too much. Avoid baby wipes.

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